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Flix & Chill is a serene calming mix that is the perfect addition to add to any relaxing night in. Cuddle up with your favourite show or book an enjoy the relaxing aroma of flix & chill.  

Scent profile: lavender & peppermint.

8oz ︱Burn life: 35+ hours

Buy one, help tons Every purchase supports mental health 

Hand-poured with you in mind on Prince Edward Island, CA


Candle Care Tips:

  • Never leave your candle unattended. Keep away from pets and children.
  •  Always burn your candle on a level heat proof surface.
  •  Burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours at a time or until it reaches a full melt pool (wax melts to the edge of the jar).
  •  Wooden wicks may take a second to light - patience is key.
  •  Wooden wick flames go in and out of vibrancy, this is normal.
  •  Keeping your wick trimmed to roughly 1/4"(cotton wicks) or 1/8" (wooden wick) allows for a more vibrant & clean burn every time.
  •  Stop using when only 1/2-1/4" of wax remains.
  • Store your candle in a cool dry place.
  • When a candle begins to emit smoke, blow it out, trim the wick and relight.
  • Keep your candle free of debris.
  • Get rid of dust and fingerprints by gently rubbing the candle surface with a damp or dry soft cloth.
  • You can maximize the scent throw of your candle by keeping doors and windows closed in the space you wish to deodorize for 30 minutes before entering the area.

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Carolyn M.
Canada Canada
Perfect amount of scent

I love this candle. It has the perfect amount of scent. It’s not overwhelming it’s just there in the background. It burns so well.